For thousands of years, people have been using ginger to treat several ailments, such as nausea, colds, cough, arthritis, and diabetes. Ginger always adds an earthy flavor to food. This is also a primeval herbal remedy that countless people use in several ways, and one common use is ginger tea. Ginger tea is a light and lovely spicy drink that people drink to keep themselves warm on cold days. This is also an alcohol-free substitute for a nightcap as it eases indigestion and upset stomachs.

Relief for motion sickness

According to folk medicine, ginger tea can help people in calming their motion sickness symptoms, such as vomiting, cold sweats, and dizziness. To prevent motion sickness, people need to take one gram of ginger root powder an hour before travel and every 2-4 hours as required. Though researchers aren’t aware of the method by which ginger does its job, a few have advised that some compounds present in a ginger block play a vital role in the brain’s vomiting center. If you come across nausea, you can try to drink ginger tea as it will turn into a superb treatment for you.

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