In business, various methods exist to promote and sell products or services. One popular approach involves Reseller Hosting, a business that purchases Web Hosting plans from a supplier and sells them to customers.

Reseller branding enables the reseller to establish a distinct identity in the market. When selecting a cPanel Reseller Host, opt for the best Reseller Hosting with a strong reputation and dependable support. 

If you wish to offer cPanel Web Hosting to your clients, you must create a unique brand for your Indian Reseller Hosting.

4 WHM Features to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

Here are the top 4 WHM or Web Host Manager features that can help you market your Hosting Reseller business. 

  1. Offer Unique Deals

The more features you provide with your Reseller Hosting plans, the greater the likelihood of attracting clients. Some standard features include unlimited hosted domains, unlimited emails, databases, add-ons and parked domains. 

Without being able to offer these basic features, it will be challenging to thrive as the best Reseller Hosting provider in India. Also, consider incorporating other features like private nameservers, a free website builder, and Google SEO tools. 

These features will add extra value to your Reseller Hosting services, making it more probable for visitors to your website to convert into customers.

  1. Provide Excellent Technical Support

Attracting customers with competitive pricing and unlimited options like domains, databases, and emails is important for cPanel Hosting Reseller accounts. But you must provide high technical support that meets your client’s expectations and promptly resolves their issues.

Delivering exceptional technical support requires skilled technicians and experienced systems administrators specialising in Web Hosting. You can hire such professionals or outsource the support services to a reliable third-party company.

  1. Extend Tech Guidance 

You must demonstrate to potential customers that you offer top-notch support and exceptional quality. For example, guide new users on how to use the cPanel Hosting and make things easier for them. 

One option to consider is offering free trials. But these trials can attract spammers seeking to engage in illegal activities, such as uploading phishing websites. 

Such activities can lead to your IP addresses being blacklisted by various security measures. Therefore, there may be better solutions than providing free trials, such as demo sessions.

To effectively demonstrate all the features of cPanel to potential customers, you can create a demo cPanel account. This allows resellers and customers to familiarise themselves with the interface and understand how it works. 

  1. Provide User-initiated Updates

One of the features you can use to market your Reseller Hosting business is offering self-service upgrades, which is made possible by the Web Host Manager. 

The best Reseller Hosting with WHM has many features, including one-click installs, automatic updates, and file managers. These functionalities enable you to add new content effortlessly, keep your website up-to-date, and efficiently manage your files.

Also, cPanel hosting is highly scalable, allowing you to upgrade your hosting plan as your website expands easily. This scalability feature makes cPanel an excellent choice for businesses that anticipate the growth of their website and foresee the need for additional resources in the future.


Above, we have discussed the essential points you must address to compete with the major players in the cPanel Reseller Hosting market.

Entering the cPanel-driven Indian Reseller Hosting market is not a simple task. Apart from providing the cPanel/WHM control panel, you must offer additional extras and features to compete and attract customers. 

By Rehan

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