3 Big Reasons to Buy Qualcomm (QCOM) Stock Now | InvestorPlace

One of the American multinational companies is the Qualcomm, and this is having the huge number of the fan base as this is providing the high-quality product for the fewer amounts. The products like software that is required for the various devices and also the services for the wireless technology are available in the Qualcomm. The NASDAQ: QCOM stock has been traded by most of the investors in the stock exchange, as this will provide a huge profit in the future. After the global pandemic, the company has regained its lost credit and is running successfully.

Qualcomm earnings

The earnings per share rating of the Qualcomm is seventy-five. Wall Street analysts have predicted that Qualcomm will have the chance to increase by about 12.6 percent in the year 2020. That too, in the upcoming year, the Eps rate percent will increase further. Thus the company will able to give good revenue after many years. But the revenue of the company has declined about the thirteen percent but hopes it will increase in the year 2021.

The comeback of the company is producing the 5G chip, but this is not the right time for the investors to buy now. It is better for the investors to wait for the few more years to purchase the stock and gain a huge profit in the end. But the Wallstreet analysts have provided the buy rating for the stock, considering that this will face the steep increase in the profit in the upcoming years. According to the second-quarter results, the company has announced the 0.86 earnings per share, and the revenue is of the 4.89 billion dollars. Thus it has gained ten percent of the value from the prediction of the experts.

The investors will definitely get the dividend amount that is of about 0.65 dollars per share, which means that the dividend yield is 2.26 percent. The stockbrokers have estimated and provided the annual price objective of the NASDAQ: QCOM stock. Thus the price range of the stock is from the sixty dollars to 150 dollars.

Simple to purchase the stock

The stock for the Qualcomm will be done with the help of many of the brokerage account that is available in the online. It will be a more helpful one for the people to gain a good profit in the upcoming years. It is essential for their investors to look on the stock news like NYSE: SAVE to know further about the loss and gain and other details to trade in the high quality.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.