Many Dedicated Server Hosting providers do not allow game servers to be hosted on their network. This article gives an insight into why this is the case. Game servers generate a lot of data transmission. Game servers are very bandwidth intensive. Compared to hosting a web application, game servers create a constant flow of traffic for each user over long periods of time. To ensure that the gameplay is good, the servers also work best with low latency or fast networks, i.e. good quality and local bandwidth. Due to the high bandwidth consumption, the hosting costs together with the price sensitivity become high.

Business customers or private individuals?

As a rule, most game server operators are individuals and not established companies. Most UK Dedicated Server Hosting companies, however, focus heavily on providing services to businesses. Businesses are inherently dependent on services and tolerate disruptions to services that are very different from those of individuals. One of the main costs of providing services to game servers is bandwidth. Running a network that meets the needs of companies and the budget of individuals is a complex challenge.

Cheap vs quality internet connections

In order for a hosting provider to offer good service, it must operate a network that is fast and free of congestion. Users tend to tolerate a slowdown in their own Internet connection during peak hours, and congestion and conflict rates are common in an ISP network. However, from a web hosting perspective, this is rarely tolerated. A slow connection means a bad experience for any prospect who finds the hosted application. Providing high quality services from a network perspective means:

Low latency internet connection

Internet connection that is always overload-free (in normal operation)

Good internet connection to domestic colleagues – no bandwidth forwarding via international network operators

Minimal failures

Redundant network connections.

Constant monitoring for errors

Quick response to loss of service

It is very difficult to do all of this at a low cost.

At Anchor we have always quoted about hosting game servers and we have never been able to win a single client. The prices we competed against were mostly far below our costs. We can only assume that the bandwidth was not equipped with all the functions mentioned above.

Load the network infrastructure

For each Mbit / s or GB of data transmission in a network, game traffic naturally leads to a higher load on the switches and routers. The router load is generally proportional to the number of packets and not the number of octets. Game traffic usually consists of a very large number of very small packets (ie many packets and not many octets). This increased load increases the infrastructure cost component, which in turn requires higher prices for a service that is already very cost sensitive.

Liability for DDoS attacks

Unfortunately, operating game servers in a hosting network poses an increased risk of DDoS attacks. If a game’s competitive element moves to the real world and a less fortunate player triggers a DDoS attack on the cause of the problem, the network will suffer and all other customers would suffer. This is a risk that many web hosts do not want to take. There is no doubt that hosting online games can make money, and there are many examples of very profitable companies that do this. By the Gaming server hosting, you and your friends can play together in a responsive environment is another perspective. Even if end users pay to access the game server, the number of users must be very large before hosting costs for high-quality bandwidth can be covered.

Specialized providers of game servers

Some companies specialize in providing game server hosting. I think it’s fair to say that when a hosting company offers game server hosting, it is actively advertised on their website. The lack of such advertising or an article like this should be a fairly clear indicator that hosting game servers is not their business.

Jim Hawkins is a member of Anchor Web Hosting. The Anchor is a high-quality Australian provider of UK Dedicated Server Hosting and web hosting services that is characterized by technical skills and targeted customer support.

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UK Dedicated Server Hosting – what is it?

Web hosting comes in two general forms: shared servers (on which you and a number of other hosting providers’ clients are all hosted on the same physical computer) and a UK Dedicated Server Hosting (on which your hosting is on a single computer for your entire web located websites.)

Shared server solutions are great for getting started, as they are usually set up to be more user-friendly for the inexperienced website administrator. They have consoles, lots of menus to choose from and are usually much cheaper too. They usually work with lower price hardware as well, since the people who sell hosting packages know that the people who need more will upgrade.

The disadvantage of shared servers is that performance can be seriously affected. If you’re mainly using WordPress for a blog and hosting a few database-driven items, it’s not that bad – until your traffic grows. Or, worse, if one of the other people on this physical box has its peak traffic or is hacked or forgotten.

Much like everyone who shares the same bathroom means that you have to wait for the shower, the same applies to shared CPU cycles, storage space, bandwidth and RAM on one server. If you find that your site is loading slowly, you are probably in the market for a UK Dedicated Server Hosting package.