Tips To Choose The Perfect Heart Shaped Diamond

9 Tips to Choose the Perfect Heart Shaped Diamond | Jewelry Guide

Diamonds can be cut to the desired shape of the person who wants jewelry made. Especially on engagement rings, the shape of the center stone matters. One of the shapes that women love is the heart because it symbolizes love and passion. Some women want a heart on their engagement rings. Here is a guide to buying heart shaped diamonds and tips to choose the perfect heart-shaped diamond.

Tips To Help You Buy A Great Heart Shaped Diamond

How Do You Choose A Heart-Shaped Diamond?

There are factors that you need to consider when choosing a heart as the shape of your diamond:

  • Symmetry

Hearts should have two identical sides, which means their symmetry should be equal, so the stone would look good. It will be noticeable if the sides are not equal and can affect the beauty of the stone. Choosing an expert diamond cutter would be ideal to be able to get a perfect heart-shaped stone. Having good symmetry on a heart-shaped stone is relevant since it can affect the overall appearance of the jewelry as well as its quality. Asymmetrical stones can chip off or crack easily. 

  • Length to Width Ratio 

There is a standard measurement for the length to width ratio of a heart-shaped diamond. It should be 1.00. If it goes beyond 1.00, the heart might look elongated, and if it is below 1.00, the heart looks wider. Therefore, 1.00 is perfect. Know the length and width of your heart-shaped stone, so you can make sure that you are getting a stone that fits the standard measurement. 

  • Size

Size of the stone matters. Since the shape will not be noticed if the stone is too small, getting a stone that is 0.5 carats and above would be an ideal choice.  The larger the size, the more the shape is emphasized. 

  • Bow tie Effect

The bow-tie effect is caused by the improper cutting of diamonds. It is called a bow tie because a black that looks like a bow tie can be seen on the diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds are susceptible to this effect, so it is wise to have your diamond cut by an expert. The bow-tie effect can give a bad appearance to your heart-shaped stone. 

  • Color Grade 

Heart-shaped diamonds that are colorless can look better. Color grades of D-E or F can be a perfect shade, but if you want a warm color you can opt for the lower grades. This may depend on your choice of shades.

Are Heart-Shaped Diamonds Valuable?

Heart-shaped diamonds are 15% to 20% cheaper than round diamonds but still considered expensive since there’s no such thing as cheap diamonds. You can get a bigger size if you opt for a heart-shaped diamond over a round one.

What Shape Diamond Looks Best?

Shape preference on diamonds depends on the buyer or the receiver. Round may look pretty for some and heart-shaped may be better for some. The shape of the diamond should depend on the choice of the person who will be wearing the jewelry. Although each has its pros and cons, selecting a shape that the wearer prefers still counts. So choose one that the wearer will appreciate. 

Is A Heart Shaped Diamonds Tacky? 

Different people have different perspectives even when it comes to choices of jewelry and designs. Heart-shaped diamonds may be tacky for some, but some may appreciate them. The shape of the stones in each piece of jewelry can represent a meaning that only the wearer can understand. That’s why they choose that shape. So it depends on people’s preference if they consider it tacky or not.

Getting tips to choose the perfect heart-shaped diamond can help you get the perfect one for yourself or for someone special. Getting familiar with the features of the shape of the stone you would like to purchase can help you determine if it is indeed worth it to select this shape. If it is your partner’s preference, then it is still wise to be guided on why choosing a great-shape stone is a good choice. In this way, you can understand her sentiments and be able to know the advantages of a  heart-shaped diamond.