You have made your plans to drive a truck and even own a company someday. Now, for driving a truck, you need a license, and a basic vehicle license won’t do the trick. You need a Truck Licence In Sydney in order to take the vehicle out on the road. Now, to get the license, there are some easy steps to follow first. There are separate training courses available, which you must enrol in before you finalise the license. So, let’s get to learn more about those varied courses first and then enrol for the one that seems to match your choice the most.

The single-day course:

Some of the reliable training centres are offering one day course to get truck licence Sydney for the aspirants out there. This one day HR license course is going to register you for a license being issued with condition B. It states that the driver is allowed to drive synchromesh or the automatic transmission. It means you can complete not just the training but also the assessment in the automatic truck and will get to drive a synchromesh gearbox at the same time. This course will not restrict your ability in any way to drive LR, MR or class C vehicles.

  • This current HR truck licence Sydney with condition B is pretty common nowadays.
  • Most of the haulage firms have currently replaced older model trucks with automatics as they have greater fuel efficiency level over long distances and further reduce driver fatigue.
  • If you are looking for a later date that you need for the Constant-mesh entitlement, then you have to take a short Condition B removal test for the same.
  • This course is meant for those clients who are willing to enter the bus driving sector. The inter-state coach industries are always on the lookout for drivers with a truck licence in Sydney. Here the coaches remain automatic.

The two-day course:

If you are looking for something different from the course mentioned already, then you can opt for the two-day course. Completing the HR licensing course with the help of a truck with a Roadranger gearbox will help you to get an open truck licence in Sydney. Thanks to this license, you get the opportunity to drive LR, HR and MR trucks, which are available with synchromesh, constant-mesh or automatic gearboxes. But for getting hold of these trucks, you need to have a current manual car driving experience. 

  • This course is meant for those clients who are willing to transport dangerous goods like flammable liquids or might work with older vehicles that still have this gearbox type. 
  • This form of gearbox might be considered old technology. So, consider this only if that extra cost doesn’t bother you. 
  • As most of the modern flats remain automatic, the one day course might meet your needs. But, if you do find a later date that you need for constant-mesh entitlement, then you have to go for the Condition B removal test as well.

Be sure to learn in details about driving before you aim for the best truck licence in Sydney. You will be amazed at the responses included.