Newswire’s targeted financial distribution delivers results for insurance firms and significantly boosts their distribution channels.

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The insurance industry has received a major wake-up call in the form of the recent digital transformation accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic. Insurance agencies, carriers, and brokerages have been forced to revamp outdated websites and optimize online marketing channels to reach target audiences through digital content. Insurance companies in need of new targeted channels for strategic distribution select Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform to reach new customers during this unprecedented time.

Insurance companies have relied far too heavily on print marketing collateral throughout the 21st centuries, and as Kathleen Booth of stated, “…agencies need to create more digital content.” Beyond the creation of said content, insurance agencies need to distribute this information effectively to uncover opportunities with key financial outlets.

“Content strategies need to be prepared in such a way that reporters and journalists from relevant outlets understand the immediate potential in your company news. With Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform, insurance agencies can target a larger audience and reach more prospective customers,” said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business.

Insurance C-suite executives and teams can reach millions of potential readers by distributing company news on Yahoo Finance, as well the most popular global financial websites available on-demand, such as Morning Star, Market Watch, and The Street.

“With Newswire, executives can deliver news directly to investors, analysts and financial community,” said Anthony Santiago, Newswire’s VP of Marketing. “This allows insurance agencies to maximize their influence across their own industry as well as global investors.”

Insurance companies continue to leverage Newswire to enhance their distribution efforts to generate greater viewership and qualified leads through consistent communication campaigns.

Learn how Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform can amplify your distribution channel strategy today.

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