14 Important Seaports In India Everyone Should Know About In 2021!

As a trader, one must take a lot of pride in getting to know about the major seaports in India. As fascinating as it is, some of the ports have a great history and the port of Chennai is one of them! Yes, you know it today as the second-largest container port in India that connects all the prime ports in the world. But there has been history and facts that most of the traders do not know. Formerly known as the Madras port, the Chennai port has a lot that you must discover! 

Here is a list of things that every trader, including you, must know about the port. 

7 Unknown Facts About the Chennai Port 

As the history of the port of Chennai unfolds, you will find a lot of exciting facts to read. Out of everything you must learn about the seaport, here are a few interesting and lesser-known information about it. 

#1 Chennai Gets Its Title from The Port 

Chennai has the title of “Gateway of South India” which came up after the Chennai port offered international exposure to the city. The growth of trade in that part of the country is credited to the expansion of this port. It is the primary reason behind the manufacturing and economic growth in Tamil Nadu. 

#2 The First Governor General of India Found the Port 

Warren Hastings, who went on to become the Governor General of India, suggested the idea of constructing a seaport in Madras in 1770. The British rule had a positive impact on the port’s growth as it became an urban centre and naval base. However, the idea was bummed for almost a century. 

#3 Berths of Chennai Port Were Formed in Different Period 

The berths of the port also have an interesting history as their constructions are in different periods. The port built the south berths I and II in 1913 and 1938 respectively. The west berths, a total of five, from 1916-20, and the north berth was built in 1931. 

#4 It Is India’s First Well-Built Container Facility 

Indira Gandhi commissioned the port of Chennai as the first dedicated and well-built container facility on December 18, 1983. It had two-shore cranes and other port facilities with a widespread area of 1250 ft. It has multiplied its area and built many more terminals by now! 

#5 It Has the Second Smallest Surface Area 

As measured and covered based on the surface area, the port of Chennai spreads only over 274 hectares of land. This area makes it the second smallest port in the country and the only one to make it to the top position on the list of major seaports in India. 

#6 The Only Port with a Cruise Terminal! 

On the Indian east coast, the port of Chennai is the only port to have a cruise terminal. It receives a decent response with an average of 4-5 cruises annually. As of 2018, the port has as many as 10 immigration counters, while the authorities are planning to extend it to 20 soon! 

#7 It Suspended Food Grains For 9 Years 

The increasing and engrossing pollution from the coal dust induced the port authorities to suspend the import/export of food grains briefly! The suspension lasted longer than planned as the port resumed the services in 2003, nine years later! 

The port of Chennai has come a long way to the top with this incredible journey of observing  millions of containers. Traders who do not read about its history miss a lot of good stuff, and you should not be one such business person in the industry! Keep reading shipping blogs to keep learning about this port and all the seaports in the country. Also, learning is a part of the growth process!