Should Your Smaller HOA Work with a Community Manager in Scottsdale?

Running a homeowners’ association (HOA) in Scottsdale with just a few members is easier than running dozens or hundreds of houses. However, it still comes with some challenges. A lot of smaller HOAs prefer to manage their own association to save money, but hiring a company that specializes in Scottsdale az hoa management can be worth the money. If you are running a small HOA, here’s how you can benefit from hiring a professional association manager:

Compliance Oversight

No matter the size of your HOA, it has to follow laws and regulations that other associations follow. An experienced HOA manager understands such requirements and their applicability to HOA operations. If your association is thinking about enforcing new policies or having concerns regarding your current policies, a manager can be a great resource. 

Financial Management

Since there are only a few members in your HOA, these people have to pay higher fees to cover the costs of the HOA. Sometimes, projects need to be put aside due to a lack of income to fund them. When you work with an HOA manager in Scottsdale, you can better manage your expenses, improve your HOA’s financial stability, and negotiate competitive agreements. Also, they can help you set funds for emergency purposes. 

Administrative Support

Running an HOA includes lots of communication and paperwork. An HOA manager can handle a lot of the daily activities like responding to inquiries or concerns, collecting dues, coordinating meetings, enforcing rules, and letting the board concentrate on other important tasks that can’t be delegated. If board members have some free time, they can have a better HOA-life balance. 

Community Upkeep Management

A small HOA also has to stay on top of landscaping and maintenance tasks. An HOA manager can help the association identify trustworthy service providers and supervise contracts. To ensure the proper execution of tasks, the manager can work with vendors. Also, this makes sure that the expectations of the HOA are met. 

Keep in mind that management services are often negotiable. Your smaller HOA does need to choose the service scope of a bigger association. A skilled HOA manager can work with your board of directors to determine the needs of the association and what it wants the manager to manage. HOA management should be tailored to the needs and budget of your community. Thankfully, many reputable community management companies support communities of all sizes in Scottsdale.