Are no cost EMIs on credit cards really free? Here's why you end up paying  more

Credit cards have revolutionised the way we manage our finances, offering convenience and flexibility. However, there are times when repaying the entire credit card bill upfront can be challenging. This is where the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) option comes in handy. This article provides a comprehensive guide on converting your credit card bill payment into EMI, with a focus on the Axis Bank credit card EMI option and the Airtel Axis Bank credit card documents required.

Understanding Credit Card Bill to EMI Conversion

The conversion of credit card bills into EMI allows you to repay your credit card dues in manageable monthly instalments, rather than a lump sum. This facility is particularly beneficial when you’ve made high-ticket purchases on your credit card. It provides financial flexibility and reduces the immediate burden on your pocket.

Guide to Convert Your Credit Card Bill into EMI

To convert your credit card bill into EMI, follow these steps:

Check Eligibility: Not all credit cards offer the EMI conversion option. Therefore, the first step is to check whether your bank provides this facility. In the context of Axis Bank credit cards, the EMI conversion feature is readily available.

Initiate the Process: The conversion process can be initiated through internet banking, mobile banking apps, customer service calls, or by visiting the bank. For Axis Bank credit card holders, you can log into your internet banking account or mobile app to start the process.

Choose the EMI Tenure: Banks usually offer a range of EMI tenures. The choice of tenure should be based on your repayment capacity. Remember, a shorter tenure means higher EMI and lesser interest, while a longer tenure means lower EMI but higher interest.

Confirm the Conversion: Once you’ve chosen the tenure, the next step is to confirm the conversion. Post-confirmation, the bank will block the amount equivalent to your EMI against your credit limit.

Choosing the Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card

While discussing the conversion of credit card bills into EMIs, it’s worth mentioning the Airtel Axis Bank credit card. This card not only offers the EMI conversion option but also comes with a host of attractive features. For instance, it offers a higher credit limit of up to ₹5,00,000, substantial annual savings, low joining fees, and a low annual fee.

To apply for an Airtel Axis Bank credit card, you need to provide some basic documents. The Airtel Axis Bank credit card documents required include proof of identity, proof of address, and income proof. The application process is 100% digital, making it hassle-free and convenient.

The card’s eligibility criteria are relaxed, and anyone aged 18-70 years can apply. However, the bank reserves the right to ask for additional documents or decline applications based on its policy. 

Converting your credit card bill into EMI can be a smart way to manage your finances, especially when dealing with large expenses. Axis Bank’s credit card EMI conversion option is user-friendly and easy to avail. Moreover, opting for an Airtel Axis Bank credit card can further enhance your credit card experience with its impressive features and benefits. Remember, the key is to use these facilities judiciously and maintain a healthy financial discipline.

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